Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red dead redemption.

So, recently i bought Red Dead Redemption (RDR) due to all the hype i have heard about it.
At the moment im sitting at about 37% completion of the game and will probably stay that way until i stop playing this game of poker on RDR.

I go all in and they fold. What pussies.

Anyway, you know whats also fun to do?
Mount your horse, gallop full speed, Pull that shotgun out and the next person to ride into your path use Dead Eye ( similar to the targeting system on fallout 3 eg: you can line up a full clip into somebody's head) so you watch a high speed, slowed down shotgun RIGHT TO THE FUCKING KISSER BITCH!


Another fun tool to use? the lasso.
That's right. a mothefucking lasso.

you can catch those bad criminals (or lawmen) and hog tie them which also steals those pistol rounds you so dearly need. you can carry them around or kill them, Personally my favourite is to find a glitch near a cliff when i can put him down and they roll down the cliff to a hard death. thats why you do not FUCK with the bandito.

Anyway i am off to the dreamland. Night and happy gaming fellow brethren

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